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Welcome to the LYBM TRIBE. It’s a network for like-minded self-starters, who are interested in turning our LIFESTYLES INTO OUR BRAND. Investing in these plans means you will acquire all the information we have amassed over the years, pertaining to a growth mindset and goal achievement. Every month, we enroll 20 entrepreneurs in each cohort. I advise that you enroll before the slots fill up. Make sure to read the frequently asked questions at the bottom of this page.

Social Biz 101 Learning Outcome

After taking the Social Biz 101 course, students will understand how social media and business building go hand-in-hand. They will be able to, not only, conquer the fear of networking, but transform those network connections into business leads. Students will gain confidence on camera, along with a deeper understanding of the necessary skills, tools, and equipment needed for a total brand transformation on social media. The course begins with creating your brand story. The final outcome is a business owner who possesses the necessary skills needed to confidently promote their brand on the right social platforms, in order to truly elevate their business globally.

Be sure to use a computer, instead of your cell, for a full experience. Let's get started!

Brand Strategist


Shoana Cachelle

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Free Class: Lights, Camera, Action!

Take the first of a series of classes for free. Test the water by getting your feet wet in this digital media class! Learn simple lighting techniques and how to get comfortable on camera!

Social Brand Building (Basic Plan)

Lessons: Research your market | Networking like a pro | What's the best social platform | What to post and when to post it | Using game-changing apps | Growth Tips| Printable Worksheets | Mastermind Access

  • $20.00

    Because I Love You Special: Originally $300, seize this exclusive one-time offer! Access a 6-session online course with videos, charts, and worksheets.


The Master Course (Premium Plan)

Lessons: Research your market | Networking like a pro | What's the best social platform | What to post and when to post it | Using game-changing apps | Growth Tips | Mastermind Access | Masterclass Training | 1-on-1 Live Training with Shoana | Introductory Phone Consultation | 4 Week Biz Building Consultant | Branding Workbook | Certificate of Completion

  • $1,000.00

    Reg $1500 (4 week guided sessions & 1 weekly group session): Take advantage of our one-time discount! 6 Online Sessions + Cohort Group Access + Mentoring & Training + Practical Challenges + Direct Access to Shoana + 46 page Branding Workbook + Certificate



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  • What if I don't know what Social Biz plan to purchase?

    If you are ready to seriously build your brand, enroll in the "The Master Course!" Yes, it's more expensive, but it's the only package that gives you the choice to personally train with Shoana in live sessions. This course starts with a personal phone consultation to help guide you through the full course.

  • How long are the lessons?

    We understand that entrepreneurs have busy lives and we respect that so each session is about 15-20 minutes long. They are quite interactive and easy to follow. There are printable worksheets in some lessons that will help guide the sessions. Take the free lesson offered so you can have a sense of how the lessons flow.

  • How do I make a payment if I don't have paypal?

    Click the paypal link. You will see an option to sign in as a guest! You can use your bank card to make a payment. If you are in a country that does not accept your card, send an email and we will send another option. [email protected].

  • Do I get a certificate after I complete the course?

    You will only receive a certificate if you enroll in "The Master Course". This plan combines all the lessons and it's fully guided with 1-on-1 sessions and trainings. You get the most out of this plan.

  • Does Shoana teach classes live?

    The courses are pre-recorded so you and can access them when it's convenient for your busy schedule. If you purchase the Social Biz Premium Plan, you will have the pre-recorded courses as well as live sessions with Shoana on the phone and via zoom/Youtube if it's convenient for you. She fully guides the sessions in the Premium plan.